2015 District 12 Championship Recap

The Indianapolis Sailing Club hit a home run this past weekend while hosting this year’s District 12 Championship.  It was such a success because of the people who made this possible.  I want to thank: Ken McAfee for shopping and feeding us all weekend, Adam Ondrejack for doing registration and being the social chair, Heineken for the beer, Hagerman for the forklift, Dieball Sailing Services for the participation, Paul White for being such an great PRO, Chris Palabrica for writing the NOR and SI, Joe Thurston and Eric Guion for assisting with dinner, Bill Crawford for the pictures,  and lastly but most importantly, my wife Audrey, for her support in allowing me to be AWOL the past two weeks.   The J/24 fleet did a great job of helping make this a success.  Thanks to everyone for helping.

We had 13 boats for this event and it is the most we have had in over 15 years for a J/24 event.  A very good showing and all because of the people mentioned above.   ISC had six boats , Eagle Creek brought over four, one from Chicago, one from Sandusky, and one boat from Detroit.    Many of these participants hadn’t been to ISC in almost 20 years, including Skip Dieball.  All have agreed that they would come down here for another venue again.

On Saturday, we were able to get in 4 races.  The first two races of the day were won by John O’Brien.  John’s crew consisted of Cam Borkowski, Mike Thomas, and Skip Dieball.   With two bullets under his belt, the boat somehow  lost it’s focus andfinished with a 2nd and 3rd.

Dean Riedy won the District Championship with a crew of three.  His crew were Steve Zorn and Jacob Riedy.  Eric started out with a 2nd and a 3rd.  They were able to finish the day with two bullets and the weekend with seven points.

Kevin O’Brien who came down from Gross Pointe, MI., was the favorite going into the weekend.  He finished 3rd overall with a 4th, 2nd, 6th, and 4th.  His crew were all from Quantum Sails: Wes Blazer, Pam Logan, and Ryan Kyle.

The rest of ISC’s boats were:  David Sterling at 7th, Marcus Rogers at 10th, Pete McGinity at 11th, Luke Mongin at 12th, and Greg Van Duesen at 13th. 

This two day event only allowed 4 races because there was no wind on Sunday.  

Event photos, courtesy of Harbor Pictures, are here.